an autism self-diagnosis masterpost


In the last few months a couple of people have contacted me looking for resources about autism, especially self-diagnosis. I did try to help, but I often forgot what resources I used, so I had trouble tracking them down again.

I don’t want that to keep on happening, so here is an attempt at a great big list of self-diagnosis resources for people who think they might be autistic and want to know more. There are probably others, but hopefully this’ll be helpful to someone.

Wherever possible, I have tried to link to works by autistic people rather than works by the psychiatric community (which is, obviously, allistic-dominated).

This is because autistic people know how autism works much better than any allistic person can. So, if you’re wondering why so much of the list is blog posts instead of medical articles, that’s why.  

Finally, this is very much a work in progress, so please feel free to suggest things to add or change.

And I would like to extend a thousand thanks to mildlyautisticsuperdetectives for beta-ing this for me. She is amazing and you should totally check out her blog.

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this seriously came at the best time for me